Feedback from Susie’s students.



I have been attending Susie’s yoga classes for nearly four years now and really enjoy my weekly sessions. Susie is a thoughtful and compassionate teacher, she gives clear directions for the poses we practice. Susie demonstrates each posture whilst also adapting postures to work for each member of her class. She will advise you on how far to go into a posture if you have injuries or weakness, which is really helpful. I find  Susie’s classes welcoming and safe. I particularly enjoy the meditation at the end of each class and leave feeling calm, uplifted and refreshed. I am thankful to Susie for providing such a warm and supportive space to practice yoga and am grateful for her continuing support. 🙏 


I have been coming to Susie’s yoga classes for 2 years, and always look forward to the session. Susie is a wonderful teacher, allowing us to move at our own pace and limitation. She is supportive and encouraging and always ensures you are able to manage the poses to your own ability, as there is no judgement. I always feel refreshed after one of Susie’s classes and know that it is really beneficial for me and my body.


Susie is a fantastic teacher and hers is different to (and better than) many other yoga classes I have been to. She explains when and how to connect your breath to each posture, which meant a beginner like me engaged and understood what I should be doing. My partner and I really enjoyed going to Susie’s classes and would recommend her to anyone.


Susie has a professional and expert manner. 

She makes you feel at home in the practice and makes everyone feel equal even when all of our abilities are different.

Her techniques are suitable for any level, especially beginners. I didn’t have any yoga experience before attending her class and now I feel more confident on the mat. 

I’ve found Susie’s classes have helped me outside of the practice too, I suffer with anxiety and panic attacks and the breathing techniques used in class have helped me over come very daunting experiences and situations.


I’ve tried yoga a few times before. I’m not (never was) flexible, I have restricted range in some joints so can’t get into/hold some positions & always felt that I couldn’t do it properly (& was bored to tears & clock watched the whole time).

What I love about yoga with Susie is that it’s adaptable. If you can’t do a pose for whatever reason, she gives alternatives to adapt to what you CAN do. She explains & demonstrates the different options before each pose, so if X is too easy you can try Y. 

Post injury I had a very tight hamstring & calf muscle but after weekly sessions with Susie I noticed a  distinct improvement in my range of movement.

Due to location difference, all my sessions with Susie have been via Zoom, but she has made sure she can fully see me so she can make sure I’m doing things correctly; she has told me how to adjust & correct my form so I get the maximum benefit without causing strain or injury.

Highly recommend.


Great yoga sessions with Susie. Definitely recommend joining her on the mat! *****


I love my yoga sessions! I feel well-stretched & relaxed afterwards.


I really like how Susie builds up classes as the terms progress, with a different focus each half term. I enjoy the breathing and stillness moments at the end of the class, which help me to integrate the sessions and get ready to face the outside world again. I leave feeling that my body has been gently challenged, but at the same time relaxed. Susie teaches with warmth and her instructions are clear.


I’ve been attending the yoga classes with Susie for nearly 6 months with my teenage daughter. We love the classes as we were both beginners because Susie explains everything not only with the movements we do but our breathing also. We both have more flexibility and stamina than before, and are growing more confident with each session. It has helped a great deal in having an hour to keep my mind clear and focus on the class, and how I feel after is amazing….. highly recommend to anyone.